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Isn’t it Wonderful

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What a great day today is! I am alive and feeling relatively good: darn knee. On the journey, we encounter obstacles and possible set backs. As I was having a chat with someone, I began to get in my “feelings.” Iyanla Van Zant taught me to feel what I feel and move forward. I took a second to BREATHE and I was right where I needed to be. I continued on with the visit, said my goodbyes and ran to my cat. Yes, I cried. I drove to the park, pulled out my hula hoop and had a blast!! Like that, I was in a state if bliss.


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So, I’m nursing two bad knees and I’m really cranky about it. I’ve been meditating, taking all sorts of anti-inflammatory meds, oils, creams, ice, heat…you name it, I’m doing it seeking some relief.

Well, the time has come for me to just go to the orthopedist. I can’t do this alone and I need to seek some professional help.

I was thinking about how on the journey, sometimes, we need to seek professional help. We hit plateaus, and we even start to gain weight…not build muscle. I know of a lady who ended up at an endocrinologist because things got way out of wack. She had to seek professional help. She ended up with some issues that required meds, but at least she got answers and could set out on a new plan.

I feel the same way. My mind goes faster than my body these days, but I’m looking at it as a time to pull back and modify as I continue on the path. I’m determined to not give up. I’ve decided if I have to teach exercise and workout from a chair, mostly do Yoga or work out from a balance ball, then that that will be the plan.


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Having a community has been really important to me; especially lately with all the life changes I’ve been going through. Having a group that I can decompress with and just be myself is amazing.

Those who know me know that I kind of spend a great deal of time being ON! Now, before you think I’m acting, I’m really not. I believe that every opportunity I have to serve or share with others is an extreme honor.

However, with my GIRLS, I’m not the one who is always serving. I get the opportunity to be poured in to. It’s AMAZING! These women range in age and experience.

So, as I reflect today on my community, I feel grateful for the love and expressions of authenticity that I have in them.


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If you can just connect to what is going on or a source that provides you power you can believe that you are unstoppable in the mist of challenges. The energy and all that is within you will emerge as challenges arise. It gets tough to call up the things I’ve learned when I’m in the throws of IT!

You know IT: kids screaming, getting honked at on the road, having someone speak or act to you in an manner, which is unkind. These obstacles are opportunities on the journey. All that is within you, will allow you to grow stronger and go stronger letting you breathe and take on the obstacles as they come in your path.

The more we try to be better. The more we strive to show the best of ourselves, we are able to progress towards our goals. The obstacles will come. They will be there to allow us the opportunity to actually implement the lessons that we have been learning on the journey. Using our glow to brighten the path along the journey for others, they can believe who we are and we are solidified in who we are building credibility with ourselves on the journey.


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As I continue to move forward on this weight loss journey, I start to question if I am sticking to my WHY. Now, questioning oneself is good for reflection. I digress. As I think about what I’m doing, I start to think about others. I realize that I want to serve others by being with them and supporting them on their journey. A journey to weight loss; a journey towards happiness; a journey towards recreating a life after a crisis is all the same. For me at the end of the day, I want to walk with others. I want others to walk with me. I believe this is the move that will bring out the lion in me. I find myself looking for the pride. I want to be with like minded people for affirmation and I want to be with unlike minded people for calibration.

Through service, there is no room for judgement there is only room for love. Doing for others gives fulfillment. It helps me to reach my highest truest form of myself. When I look in the mirror, I want that reflection to be a certain way; however, at the end of the day, I want my journey to reach others. And, I want the journey of others to reach me. There is no better time than now for me to continue to seek opportunities to be of kindness and service to others. It’s good for me.